About us

Rajlaxmi Cleaning Systems is a leading and well reputed firm offering a one stop shop for a wide range of Industrial and Institutional Cleaning & various Washroom Hygiene Products & Solutions.

Our mission is to supply innovative products & services especially for Air care, Washroom care & Housekeeping used in the Commercial & residential market.

We are committed in our objective to provide prompt service to our customers and to personalize our approach to evolve an interted system that will precisely meet their every need.

The solutions and products that we deliver are practical and quality based which are a trendsetter in this industry.

We also provide trained personnel specialized in housekeeping and maintenance services

We deal in a wide range of hygiene products inthe Air care and Washroom Sectors including odor control dispensers, chemical dosing systems, and hand care products.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards and backed by the highest quality manufacturing techniques resulting in superior levels of service and reliability.