Fly Insect Killer Machine India

Fly insect killer machines from Rajlaxmi Cleaning Systems is ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor facilities. Insects are often considered the primary nuisance in India. Being an industrial model, fly killer machine is designed to drive away flies and insects from your facility. With the easy to instal and follows a plug and operate the system. Being a heavy duty fly killer machine, it's perfectly suited for homes, offices, hospitals, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, clubs and shops. Available with electric and non-electri models, these devices operate with perfect balance and methodology. Electric fly killers use Ultra Violet light to attract flying insects to the device and use electrically charged killing grid to kill the insects, before retaining them in a catch tray, which helps to hygienically dispose the dead. Choose the variety of fly killer machines from Rajlaxmi Cleaning Systems for driving the insects and other flies from your facility.