Babyminder Vertical Baby Changing Unit
Babyminder Vertical Baby Changing Unit
Product Code:403

Installing a babyminder® changing station provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic baby changing facility in away from home locations and is now considered to be of equal importance as the provision of other essential facilities.

  • Dimensions: 527mm (h) x 334mm (w) x 102mm(d) 297mm (d) when open

Safety and hygiene have been often the primary concern for any parent, for their babies. Recognizing and ensuring its importance experts have designed babyminders. From the trusted cleaning experts from Mumbai, Rajlaxmi Cleaning Systems, a range of Babyminder Changing Units and infant safety seats are designed. Known for their safety, durability, maintenance and highly affordable, these units are the an ideal choice for any parents. Some of the features include, compact, ultra slim profile and heavy duty integral moulded hinges for strength and safety with easy load integral moulded dual liner dispensers. These products also has a twin integral moulded bag hooks for convenience. With horizontal and vertical modes, designs, colours and pattern, as well as a number of reliable safety seats, the Babyminder products includes everything a parent needs. Since these devices need to fully equip the changing facilities to the highest standards and quality for comfort. 

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