Bio Multipurpose Application Cleaner
Bio Multipurpose Application Cleaner
Product Code:BMAC

This product provides single-product simplicity with multi-application flexibility. No other (bio) formulation provides this unique combination of deep cleaning, sanitizing and odor control features. This is the result of intensive R&D efforts which incorporates the latest developmental techniques in biotechnology to achieve for superior deep cleaning and odor control capabilities. It was developed specifically to overcome the limitations of "all-purpose cleaners" available in the market.
Application Areas :

  •  Degreasing, cleaning and odor control of all hard surface finishes such as glass & mirrors, shiny floor surfaces, polished granite and marble, kitchen bathroom sinks & all bathroom fixtures.
  •  Sink drains.
  •  Odor control and deodorizer for garbage and domestic waste areas.

Benefits & Advantages :

  •  Provides superior, long-lasting cleaning & odor control.
  •  Degrades residual organics (e.g. grease, food spills, urine etc) to provide continual deep cleaning action.
  •  Prevents the growth of undesirable disease-causing organisms.
  •  Keeps sink drains unclogged and free of odor.

Directions for Use :
Mix contents well. Product can be applied in a variety of ways (swab, spray and / or wipe, mop & bucket or in floor cleaning equipment).

  •  Floors : Dilute 1% to 3% in bucket.
  •  Fittings : Spray, swab and wipe at full strength.
  •  Odor control : Spray full strength.
  •  Drains : Add 50-250 ml per 1-2 inch drain, drain pipes.

Product Characteristics

  •  pH range : Neutral,
  •  Flash point : Non-flammable
  •  Appearance : Creamy-white.

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