Tissue Paper Dispenser Mumbai
Tissue Paper Dispenser Mumbai
Product Code:EP01

Cabinet - 18-8, type-304, 0.8mm (22-gauge) stainless steel. All welded construction.  Exposed surfaces have satin finish. Rounded towel tray has hemmed opening to dispense paper towel without tearing. Capacity: 450 C-fold, 600 multi fold, or 850 single fold paper towels.

Tissue Paper Dispenser Suppliers Mumbai

Tissue paper dispensers are created on the basis of common standard which are designed to fit all sizes and kinds of tissue paper and tissue rolls. Based on the location, these units are designed to withstand light to heavy paper quality with ease. Rajlaxmi supplies a variety of tissue paper dispensers to various locations all over Mumbai and throughout India. The high quality tissue paper dispensers are convenient to use, 100 percent hygienic, efficient and durable. Besides, Rajlaxmi also offers high quality of tissue paper dispenser suitable for paper roll as well as standard paper which is suitable for equipping inside all kinds of public washrooms in schools, colleges, universities, cinemas, hospitals etc. in Mumbai.  Available in attractive designs and colours with high speed dispensing capacity of tissue paper guarantees hygiene to clients, customers and public with every other way.

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