Water Saving Aerator and Water Saving Devices for Taps
Water Saving Aerator India
Product Code:WSAERS

1. Up to 80% Water Saving Nozzle PVC
1. Reduces water wastage up to 80% on tap, saves money.
2. Easy to Install. DIY (no need of plumber). Refer Images
3. Flow rate of aerator 3 LPM / 4LPM / 6LPM (Litres Per Minute).
4. Anti Clogging Screen filters sediment/debris; Scale resistant material.
5. Compatible to majority tap brands. Aerator size: 22 mm(2.2 cm)dia. Check your tap aerator size before buying.

Water Saving Aerators are one of the best innovative water saving solutions for any organisation. Whether it is a washbasin, bath shower, sink taps or faucet. These products are created and  designed with the purpose of dispensing water at a defined flow rate depending on the amount of liquid required.  Most of the devices have the water saving capacity of several litres per day. Equipping these Water Saving Device could give huge water savings either at office or home. A typical showers allow many liters water per minute (LPM) or sometimes even more, whereas these new showers typically restrict the flow of water at around half or even more.  Saving the precious water is not saving the resource, but saving electricity resulting in the monetary gain for home or office. View our great range of water saving device at Rajlaxmi. Choose from top brands with an exclusive  range of types to choose from the famous cleaning services from Mumbai.

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