Automatic Hand Dryer Online India
Automatic Hand Dryer Online India
Product Code:JETHD5

Easy-clean Double-sided Automatic Hand Dryer; with Heating element, Low Energy Jet Dryer Model No.: RCS 0302 White & Silver
1. Exclusive Design - New Generation dual jet hand dryer. EU/US Patent.
2. Fastest - Completely drying hands in 7~10 seconds with the dual jet air supply system conventional warm air hand dryer, 90% cost saving vs.paper towels.
3. More Energy efficient than most of other brands - With Heating Intelligent System, Heater Automatic ON only while ambient temp. lower than 25°C , Otherwise, Heater OFF.
4. More Hygiene Vs. Other Suppliers - With double layers filter, 1st stage normal filter which stop mini objects like hair blow into the machine, 2nd Stage is HEPA Filte which remove 99.9% bacterial above 0.3 microns. Keep the motor and other spare parts stay cleaning . Extend the servicing life of machine.
5. More Safey vs. most of othe brands - using fireproof ABS cover inside, qualified electric components (CE /UL listed ).
6. Longer servicing time - with Brushless DC motor (7~10 year lifetime ), excellent energy efficient.
7. Lower Noise Level : 68-70dBA (at 2m).

Automatic hand dryer is often preferred when it comes to choosing a hand dryer for drying hands after hand wash in the common restrooms of cinema halls, offices, hotels, malls, clinics and hospitals. With the variety of automatic hand dryers available online in India, Rajlaxmi provides some of the best automatic hand dryers mainly in Mumbai. They have a range of hand dryers which are equipped with the best of the latest technology for clean and safe environment. Equipped with a powerful motor, this energy efficient model blows air at optimum speed to dry hands comfort. Designed and finished with elegant finishes, most of the quality products are available at nominal price. With a strong product and service team, they promote innovative and efficient products to help people in preventing germs and infections, advocate a sense of health and safety  environment. 

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