Jet Hand Dryer Heavy Duty
Jet Hand Dryer Heavy Duty
Product Code:JETHD6

Electrical supply : 220-240/100-130V, 50/60Hz
Motor type : HIBD D5 Brushless motor
Motor power : 750W
Motor speed : 24000 rpm
Heater Element : 1100W
Heater type : heating wire
Standby power consumption : 1-2W
Touch-free activation type : infrared
Airspeed : 95m/s
Hand dry time : 7-10 seconds
Operation lock-out period : 25-50 seconds
Airspeed at apertures : 342km/h
Hot Air Temperature : 20-40 degree C°
Rated operating noise power : 65-72dB(A) within one meter
Protection Class : IPX4
Unit Dimensions : 685x300x220 (h/w/d mm)
Net Weight/unit : 10.5kg
High quality: Stable quality with 10 year experience
Efficiency: Dual jet airflow, dry hands in 7 seconds.
Longevity: Brushless motor with a 7-10 years lifespan.

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